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3.01.19 - Ambassadors



The Society Board of Directors, in concert with the Nominations Committee, will periodically approve the members of this group.

These individuals are recognized as leaders in either the public or private sector and who support sports, recreation and wellness for people of all abilities.




  1. Introduction


  •  The Board will adopt, and may change from time to time, criteria (Areas of Expertise) it will use in selecting individuals to be Ambassadors.  Appended to this policy, are the current Ambassadors, and the most recent criteria used..


2.   Ambassadors will:

  • Be provided with a Membership in the Society.

  • Lend their name to the Society and provide credibility, profile and a connection to the                       greater Calgary community.

  • Allow their names to be listed in the Society’s newsletter, website and other related                          documents used for promotional purposes.

  • Receive an orientation/information package on the Society.


3.    In fulfilling their roles the Ambassadors will:

  • Provide linkages, if possible, for the Society directly or indirectly to high-level public and                          private sector representatives if called upon.

  • Offer their talents, expertise and advice to the Society as requested.

  • Represent the Society at special events and public events.

  • Serve as a spokesperson for the Society if called upon.

  • Attend, with their spouse/partner, an annual Board of Directors social function which will                      serve the following purposes:

    • Updating individuals on what has happened within the Society.

    • Inform individuals of what is planned and the challenges facing the Society.

    • Connect individuals to staff, board members and key stakeholders

  • Attend our AGM annually

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