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2.06.3 - Nominations Committee (Standing Committee)


  • To ensure that the Board nominations process (Appendix E) is understood and publicized among members and that there are sufficient nominees to fill vacancies.

  • To proactively seek qualified candidates to run for the Board of Directors, with a view to achieving a Board that is balanced in terms of experience, and skills.

  • To oversee the nominations process ensuring compliance with the Society’s bylaw and policies.

  • To review nominations received by the deadline and make any additional nominations necessary to fill all Board vacancies.

  • To report to the Board on nominations received.

  • To recommend changes to the nominations procedure, as needed, to the Board and maintain current Terms of Reference for all board positions and its own committee.

  • To make recommendations at any time to the Board of Directors concerning potential candidates whom the Committee considers to be appropriate for appointment to any vacant seat on the Board of Directors, and whenever the committee deems it necessary, to consult with the membership, or a portion of the membership, for this purpose.

  • To design, develop, provide and/or participate in the evaluation of the work of the members of the Board of Directors, including soliciting feedback from directors, for the purpose of making recommendations for improvements to board process and board membership, whenever it deems this to be appropriate.


  • To provide or recommend training, professional development and/or mentoring for members of the Board of Directors.


  • Membership of the Committee will be determined by the Committee’s Chair in discussion with the Executive Committee.

  • A Committee Chair is appointed by the Board Executive Committee

  • The Board Chair is entitled to vote and the Senior Staff Officer is an ex-officio member without voting rights, and is not counted for the purpose of establishing a quorum.


The Committee shall meet at such times as the Chairman of the Committee shall require.  A simple majority of committee members constitutes a quorum for the Committee.

Authority and Accountability

The Committee is a Board Committee of CRCPS and the Chair will be a board member (unless approved otherwise by the Board).  This committee will report its recommendations to the Board.


Committee members have a term of office of two years (renewable) as appointed by the Board.

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