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2.06.2 - Audit Committee (Standing Committee)





  • Ensure that the annual audit is conducted in an efficient, cost-effective and objective manner

  • Review and recommend to the Board approval of the annual financial statements, including the selection of appropriate accounting policies and practices

  • Recommend the appointment of, and the appropriate fee for, the Society’s external auditor (the “auditor”)




  • Membership of the Committee will be determined by the Committee’s Chair in discussion with the Executive Committee.

  • The Committee Chair will be the Treasurer.

  • The Board Chair is entitled to vote and the Senior Staff Officer (SSO) is an ex-officio member without voting rights, and is not counted for the purpose of establishing a quorum




Committees shall meet at mutually agreed times as required at the call of the Chair. A simple majority of committee members constitutes quorum for the Committee.


Authority and Accountability



The Committee is a Board Committee of CRCPS and the Chair will be a Board Member (unless approved otherwise by the Board).  This committee will report its recommendations to the Board.




Committee members have a term of office of two years (renewable) as appointed by the Board.

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