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2.06.1 - Executive Committee (Standing Committee)


  • To review and make recommendations to the Board of Directors on all matters deemed material to the society.

  • To develop and recommend the governance structure for Calgary Rotary Challenger Park Society (CRCPS) Board of Directors, including Board job descriptions, policies and committees (Standing & Ad Hoc), as necessary.

  • To review and recommend amendments to the Society’s Bylaws and memorandum of association to reflect current policies, practices and requirements.



  • The membership of the committee consists of the Chair of the Board of Directors, the Past-Chair, the Vice Chair, the Treasurer and the Secretary of CRCPS (5).

  • Senior Staff Officer shall be ex-officio and shall not be counted for the purpose of establishing a quorum.


The committee will meet at mutually agreed times as required at the call of the Chair of the Board of Directors.


Authority and Accountability

The Committee is a Board Committee of CRCPS and the Chair of the Board of Directors shall be the committee Chair.  The committee will report its recommendations to the Board.


Committee members have a term of office of two years (renewable) as appointed by the Board


A simple majority of committee members constitutes quorum for the committee. 

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