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The Board is responsible for ensuring that the organization has the financial resources to build its capacity and create long-term sustainability.  The Board encourages and solicits gifts from individuals, groups, foundations and corporations for the purpose of enhancing the services of the Calgary Rotary Challenger Park Society (the “Society”). Each Board member is committed to playing a role in fundraising activities as appropriate.


  • The Board adopts the Ethical Fundraising & Financial Accountability Code as its guiding principle for fundraising activities

  • Fundraising activities must be compatible with the best interests of the clients, staff and the community the Society serves and not detract from its programs and services

  • The organization may accept or decline a gift or donation, based on what is in the best interests of the organization

  • Unless subject to an agreement to use the gift for a specific purpose, gifts are received unconditionally and may be used for such purposes as deemed appropriate


  • The Board may create a Fund Development Committee in consultation with the SSO

  • The Fund Development Committee will develop a fund development plan for Board review and approval

  • Board members will participate in fundraising activities

  • Board members will declare any conflicts of interest regarding potential fundraising activities

  • The Board will monitor fundraising activities to ensure ethical practices, appropriate recognition of donors and cost-effective fundraising techniques

  Cross-reference guide (See Appendix A - B.O.D. Manual)

  • Ethical Fundraising and Financial Responsibility Code                                                                  (Canadian Centre for Philanthropy, 2020)

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