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3.01.10 – Director Code of Conduct


The Code of Conduct is a statement of the essential principals that govern the conduct of the Board. The Code of Conduct encourages a spirit of collective decision-making, shared objectives and shared ownership of Board decisions.


  • Board members will at all times conduct themselves in a manner that:

    • serves the best interests of the Society

    • supports the vision, mission and objectives of the Society

    • brings credibility and good will to the Society

    • avoids real, potential or perceived conflicts of interest

    • conforms with the bylaws of the Society


  • All Board members will sign the Code of Conduct as a condition of their appointment to the Board.

  • Members who do not abide by the Code of Conduct will:

  • resign immediately  OR

  • ask the Board to decide on the matter and resign if the decision is not in his/her favour OR

  • resign where the Board raises the matter and the decision is not in his/her favour

  Cross-reference guide:


  • Bylaws – Articles 4.09 & 6.11

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