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3.01.8 – SSO Performance Review 


The Board delegates authority and accountability for the management and administration of Calgary Rotary Challenger Park (the “Park”) to the SSO. The SSO’s performance is evaluated on the basis of his/her exercise of this authority, and compliance with Board polices and directives.


  • A performance review will provide an overall assessment of performance relative to the Board’s employment contract with the SSO

  • The frequency of the performance review will be set by the Board

  • The essence of the performance evaluation will be results-focused rather than subjective or personality-oriented

  • The SSO’s performance will be evaluated in regard to the following components:

        a. Job description; and

        b. Annual performance objectives/KPIs

        c. SSO's reports to the Board

  • The performance review will be done within 3 months of the Society’s fiscal year end



  • The SSO will draft performance objectives/KPIs at the beginning of each fiscal year for discussion and approval of the Board

  • The Chair will obtain input from Board members, and prepare a written evaluation of the SSO’s performance

  • The Chair will meet with the SSO to discuss the evaluation. The Chair or SSO can request that other members of the Board participate in this meeting.

  • The Chair will provide the SSO with informal feedback on his/her performance on an ongoing basis.


  Cross-reference guide:


  • SSO – Position Description

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