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3.01.4 – Executive Director Limitations 


The position Senior Staff Officer shall be known as Executive Director.  In the policy governance Board, the ED is the official link between the Board and the organization. The Board contracts with the ED for the management and administration of the organization. The ED is responsible, within the parameters established by the Board, for determining the methods by which the Board’s directions and policies will be executed and the desired outcomes achieved.


  • ED is responsible for implementing the Board’s policies and strategic plan, consistent with any legislative and regulatory requirements

  • ED is responsible to the Board as a whole rather than to individual members, however will report to the Board Chair

  • ED has the authority and accountability for staff of the organization

  • Specific responsibilities of the ED are described in their job description append to their contract

  • ED operates within scope of their business plan, within the budget as approved by the Board


  • ED will provide the Board with the information it needs to govern effectively, make informed decisions, and monitor the overall operation of the organization

  • ED is authorized to expend funds within the limits of the annual budget as approved by the Board

  • ED is responsible for bringing to the attention of the Board, the need for special and exceptional expenditures not included in the budget

  • ED advises the Board on policy and program issues which affect the services provided by the organization


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