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3.01.1 – Policy Development Framework


Governance policies formalize the roles and responsibilities of the Board, and establish its functions and practices. They provide effective parameters and guidelines for action for Board members, committees, staff and general membership.


  • Board members are accountable for all Board policies

  • The SSO is responsible for compliance with all Board policies

  • The Board will monitor and review its policies


  • The development of policies may be delegated to a Board committee such as the Executive  Committee.

  • The Board will ensure that policies comply with the Society's bylaws and with relevant legislation and regulations

  • The Board will seek input on policies from the SSO, staff and Society membership as appropriate

  • The SSO is responsible for implementing policies, except for those policies governing the Board itself

  • Policies are evaluated on as needed basis and revised as appropriate. The Board as a whole must approve revisions to policies.

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