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3.01.5 – Communication for Meetings




Meetings shall be conducted so that all participants have communication access to the meeting’s business and that the meeting shall be respectful to all participants.


  • The Chair shall brief meeting participants of the communication rules for the meeting, as they deem necessary.  These rules will include:

                                       1. The Chair shall always recognize participants wishing to speak.

                                       2. Only one speaker at a time.

                                       3. Be respectful of each other


  • If the Society is using "Communication Access Realtime Translation (CART)" writer for participants, with hearing loss, then these should be followed:

                                       a. Those recognized by the Chair to speak shall always identify themselves.                                                 is for the purpose of the (CART) writer and a courtesy of meeting participants.

                                       b. Speakers need to project their voice during the proceedings so

                                       microphones, if any, will effectively relay their comments to the CART writer.

                                       c. The CART writer shall be given a minimum of a 15-minute break when

                                       providing continuous CART services for a period of two (2) hours.  To extend the

                                       continuous time, the CART writer or the CART consumer shall be asked.  It shall

                                       be only the CART writer who can extend the time.

                                       d. Do not tap pens/pencils, fingers or any object on the meeting table surface

                                       during the meeting proceedings as the sound interferes with the audio signal to

                                       the CART writer and those wearing hearing aids.

                                       e. Remember, shuffling papers, objects, etc. creates unwanted sound and will

                                       interfere with the necessary audio signal to the CART writer.

Procedures (For CART usage)

  • For the remote CART writer – set up technology a minimum of 15 minutes prior to the meeting ensuring sound levels and the data stream function properly.

  • Connect the host computer to the internet web browser (hard wire or wireless).

  • Ensure the host computer has the video conferencing capability.

  • For the Field House, connect the long extension audio cable to the (flexible) outlet connected to the small control box.

  • Ensure the volume of the host computer is turned up to maximum (sound) level, as it controls the audio strength to the writer.

  • Connect to video conferencing with the CART writer (if applicable).

  • Using the access internet address connect to ‘”.

  • After set up completion, do a text of the audio data streaming test.

  • Consideration of participants and time for all meetings is appreciated.

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