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3.01.2 – Communication Policy for Meetings




Meetings shall be conducted so that all participants have communication access to the meeting’s business and that the meeting shall be respectful to all participants.


  • The Chair shall brief meeting participants of the communication rules for the meeting at the start of each meeting.

  • The Chair shall always recognize participants wishing to speak.

  • Only one speaker at a time.  This is required to respect the Communication Access Realtime Translation (CART) writer and participants, especially those persons with hearing loss.

  • Those recognized by the Chair to speak shall always identify themselves.  This is for the purpose of the (CART) writer and a courtesy of meeting participants.

  • Speakers need to project their voice during the proceedings so microphones, if any, will effectively relay their comments to the CART writer.

  • If a CART writer is providing service for the meeting, the writer shall be given a minimum of a 15-minute break when providing continuous CART services for a period of two (2) hours.

  • To extend the continuous time, the CART writer or the CART consumer shall be asked.  It shall be only the CART writer who can extend the time.

  • Do not tap pens/pencils, fingers or any object on the meeting table surface during the meeting proceedings as the sound interferes with the audio signal to the CART writer and those wearing hearing aids.

  • Remember, shuffling papers, objects, etc. creates unwanted sound and will interfere with the necessary audio signal to the CART writer.


  • For the remote CART writer – set up technology a minimum of 15 minutes prior to the meeting ensuring sound levels and the data stream function properly.

  • Connect the host computer to the internet web browser (hard wire or wireless).

  • Ensure the host computer has the SKYPE program.

  • For the Field House, connect the long extension audio cable to the (flexible) outlet connected to the small control box.

  • Ensure the volume of the host computer is turn up to maximum (sound) level, as it controls the audio strength to the writer.

  • Connect to Skype with the CART writer.

  • Using the access internet address connect to ‘Streamtext.com”.

  • After set up completion, do a text of the audio data streaming test.

  • Consideration of participants and time for all meetings is appreciated.