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Management / Administration Expertise

The position requires operational excellence in the day-to-day management of the facility, including achieving budget targets, managing HR issues, due diligence in all processes such as hiring and monitoring external contractors

This person will need effective leadership and management skills to protect and enhance the $15+ million asset and to ensure targets are met with the annual operating budget.  There will also be ongoing capital needs and management of same as funds and human resources permit.

A key outcome will be the successful implementation of the Park business plan, policies & procedures through the facilitation of teamwork, integrated planning and delivery of park services, or if applicable programs.

This person will also require excellent planning and organizational skills.

Customer Focus

The position requires a sustained focus on “service excellence” and meeting the needs of the users and the primary purpose and goals of Rotary Challenger Park.  The position must effectively liaise with numerous organizations that serve people with disabilities and the general public in Calgary and area.

Communication and Promotion Skills

The position requires a strong emphasis on the promotion and marketing of Calgary Rotary Challenger Park among the disability organizations, surrounding communities and to citizens in Calgary and southern Alberta.

Builder of Stakeholder Relations

The SSO will sit at the centre of a complex web of relationships with organizations such as the user groups, the broader disability community, the City, the Founding Partners, the Society Board, and others.  A key success factor for this position is the capacity to establish solid working relationships with all of these groups and not to antagonize or leave any of them out.

Sound Values, Ethics & Conflict Resolution

The position requires integrity and the capacity to respect the viewpoints of all the stakeholders.  It also requires a high degree of diplomacy in negotiating with many groups who may have diverse & sometimes conflicting interests.  Conflict resolution skills are important to on-going success and sustainability with respect to stakeholder relationships.

Fundraising Expertise

There will be a requirement for on-going fundraising for CRCPS, including the organization of casinos, special events, etc., along with the potential capital fund development  in partnership with the Board and park user groups.

Capacity to Initiate, Implement and Evaluate Plans and Activities

Success in this position requires a very pro-active, energetic individual with the experience and capacity to take the initiative and lead in the development and follow through with plans using appropriate actions to achieve desired results.

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