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2.05.6 -  Board Director


This job description is applicable to “members at large” of the Board of Directors of Calgary Rotary Challenger Park Society (CRCPS).  Descriptions related to officer positions will retain this content with additional duties that are specific to such positions.

General Duties:

  • Function

    • Provide governance to the organization, represent CRCPS to the community, assist with fund development in support of CRCPS and accept the ultimate legal authority and fiduciary responsibilities for CRCPS

    • Board members are accountable to the Board

  • Planning

    • Approve and affirm the CRCPS mission, vision, values and broad strategy priorities and reviews management’s performance in achieving them.  These become the foundation from which CRCPS builds its’ strategic plan.

    • Annually review the CRCPS strategies and business plan.

    • Annually review and approve the CRCPS budget.

    • Develop and approve Board and CRCPS organizational/ governance policies.

  • Organization

    • Involvement in appointing, monitoring, appraising, advising and supporting the Executive Director.

    • Join a board appointed committee towards the support of the organization’s mission.

    • Review the results achieved by management as compared to  CRCPS mission, vision, values and strategic priorities.

    • Fully participate in the Board’s role by providing candid and constructive criticism, advice and comments in making decisions relating to the organization.


The term of membership on the Board is defined in the organization’s bylaws.

Specific Expectations: 

  1. Prepare for (reviewing all meeting material), attend and participate in all board meetings and functions.

  2. Participate in activities, including special events and fund development.

  3. Be informed about the organization’s mission, vision, programs, services and policies.

  4. Serve on committees or ad-hoc committees as required and participate in committee work.

  5. Purchase an annual Society membership and making a personal financial contribution to the organization.

  6. Provide contacts and “clout of contacts” if possible so as to increase the capacity of the organization.

  7. Organizational Advocate - Use every opportunity to inform others about the organization.

  8. Suggest possible nominees to the board who can make significant contributions to the work of the board and the organization.

  9. Keep up to date on developments in the field of recreation and disabilities.

  10. Assist in carrying out the Board’s fiduciary responsibilities, such as reviewing the organization’s annual financial statements.

  11. Participate in assessing the board’s effectiveness as a whole and their own performance.

  12. Adhere to CRCPS conflict of interest and confidentiality policies.                                                      NOTE: These expectations shall be appended to the Board Appointment letter provided to all new Directors

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