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2.05.3 -  Treasurer


This job description is applicable to the Treasurer of the Board of Directors of Calgary Rotary Challenger Park Society (CRCPS).  This description is in addition to the general board duties.

General Duties:

Oversees the Board’s review of, and actions related to, the Board’s financial responsibilities.  Ensure proper financial systems and procedures are in place.

Finance Committee:

Chairs the Finance Committee (if such committee is established by the Board, following the Treasurer’s recommendation) and prepares agendas for the Finance Committee meetings.


Ensures that appropriate financial reports are made available to the Board and that the reports are prepared in a fashion that all Board members understand.  Reports to the board on key financial events, trends, concerns and assessment of fiscal health of CRCPS.


Will be the Chair of the Audit Committee.

Cash Management and Investments:

Ensures through the Senior Staff Officer that CRCPS has sound financial cash management practices.

Annual Reports:

Assists in the preparation of the annual reports, by overseeing the inclusion of the required financial information.

NOTE: This position may be combined with the Secretary position to form the Secretary-Treasurer postion.

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