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E - Executive Director Succession Action Plan



This document allows the Society the ability to carry on the business of the Park in the event of the Executive Director’s position becomes suddenly vacated.  Being a small staff the Executive Director is the only staff member that reports to the board.


Action Plan Last Updated:     June 2020                   


Key Contacts –


Matt Noel-Bentley –> Secretary/Treasurer                          

1500, 335 - 8 Ave SW

Calgary, AB T2P 1C9

Ph: 403-919-8683(H) 403-567-2516(B)



Toby Oswald-Felker ->Chair

184 Heritage Lake Dr

DeWinton, AB T0L0X0

Ph: 403-474-1111(H) 403-991-1654(B)



Kwabena- Oduro-Kontoh

2716-60 St NE

Calgary, AB T1Y 2H9

Ph: 403-280-4458 (B) 403-836-5597(C)


Don Gass

Suite 402, 3320 – 3rd. Ave., NW

Calgary, AB  T2N 0L9

Ph: 587-352-0853 (B) 403- 993-0855




Sheila MacLean –> Vice Chair


Suite 200, 638 – 11 ave., SW

Calgary, AB T2R 0E1

Ph: 403-410-3823(B) 403-809-7080(C)



Brian Guichon

1936 Green Ridge Rd, SW

Calgary, AB T3E 4B1

Ph: 403-228-4024(B)



Earl Huson

112 Christie Knoll Hts SW

Calgary, AB T3H 2S1

Ph: 403-686-0828 (H)


Brian Kozak

890, 1090 West Georgia St.

Vancouver, BC, V6E 3Z7

Ph: 403-542-2385




Key Operating Processes


  1. Safety Deposit Box


The Society has a safety deposit box at it’s NE Bank location branch, where a copy of a master key (to all buildings), key box and file cabinet keys, security information (i.e. computers), etc. is located.  A printed copy of the Calgary Rotary Challenger Park Society Succession Action Plan is also located in our Safety Deposit Box with an electronic copy placed in the Management & Operations Policies and Procedures Manual at the society’s administration office.


There are two (2) keys to the Society’s safety deposit box – A key for this box is located in the file cabinet of the Executive Director in the “Banking” file.  The second key is in the care of the Board Chair.


The box is #377.  Any one of our Board approved signatories has access to this box.  You will need the key and a photo ID to gain access. If for whatever reason a key can’t be located, a signatory may gain access, but the bank will need to drill the key cylinder out (there will be an extra cost to do such, approx. $100 - $150).


Whenever Board signatories are changed, a SEPARATE, signatory card and box lease will need to be completed.


1. Financial Business Transactions

a.     Cheques – Prepared, with their appropriate backup, and signed by two Board approved signatories twice monthly. (They are filed, along with backup, in their appropriate files once monthly.)  Online payments may be made, but must be supported with backup.

b.     Deposits - Done a minimum of once monthly at the beginning of the month and again during the month if warranted.  A deposit record form is prepared, with attached particulars (including our copy of the bank deposit slip) accompanying the final deposit record form which is filed in the deposit records folio behind its’ applicable bank account file.

c.     Petty Cash – Vouchers are signed (by two people) when cash is used.  The Assistant to the Executive Director does reconciliation summary at the end of each month.  Petty cash balance normally is $2,000.

d.     Receipts - Are issued for all cash transactions. 

e.     Donation Receipts - Along with a thank you card or letter is done on an as need basis.  Donation reconciliation report is prepared semi-annual and circulated to the Treasurer and Chair.

f.      Bank Statements – Filed in bottom drawer of the double drawer file cabinet (labeled “Financial”) in Executive Director’s office (behind the applicable bank account).  Statements are received via an electronically notice from RBC, which denotes they are ready and one then can go to through online banking to print them.

g.     Payroll – Handled through Ceridian (see payroll file for account #).  Staff are paid mid-month and end of month.  If there are no changes it runs automatically, if changes are needed they need to be contacted four (4) days prior to cheque dates.  Cheque dates are the 15th or 30th/31st (or if these dates fall on a holiday or weekend they would be dated the business day closest to and before these dates).

h.     Contractor Payments – Normally paid upon invoice, within 10-30 days.  Some payments made based on fixed monthly contract amounts.  Updated contracts can be viewed in the folder labeled “Contracts” in ED’s computer.

i.      Board Signatories – If changed, approved during the first or second Board meeting of a new Board year.  See appropriate minutes.  The bank will require new forms and signature cards to be executed.

j.     Group Benefit Plan – Currently provided by Morneau Shepell.  A copy of the complete plan detail can be found in the top drawer (labeled “File 1”) of the 4-drawer filing cabinet behind the Executive Director’s desk.


2. Park Service Providers

A list is found in our Management and Operations Manual along with specific files for most in the filing cabinet behind the reception desk labeled “SubContractors/Forms/Etc.”.


3. Society’s Insurance Information and Policies

A complete binder outlining coverage’s is located in the top drawer (labeled “File 1”) of the 4-drawer filing cabinet behind the Executive Director’s desk.


4. Security Matters

A complete listing of passwords, security information and a master key (including keys to our key boxes themselves) are located in our bank safety deposit box.  Society signing authorities have access to this safety deposit box (you will need ID to gain access).


5. Contracted Personnel

Current contractor files are located in the Assistant to the Executive Director’s 4-drawer filing cabinet next to their desk (labeled “Subcontractors/Forms/Etc.”).


6. Executive Director’s Filing System

A structured filing system is located and clipped on the side of the shelving unit behind the Executive Director’s desk.  This is a summary outlining the files.



8. Legal Council Alternative (OR TBD by the Board on a as need basis)

Mr. Chris Davis,

Christopher Davis Law



(Chris informally became the Park’s general legal council in Feb. 2007.  He was a former Board member, Rotary member – West club, and is quite familiar with doing business with the City.  At present he is doing contract work for the City of Ft. McMurray, in Ft. McMurray – he commutes between FM and Calgary)

9. Banking

Our Contact:   Mr. Bernadette Web

                          Royal Bank of Canada

                          Phone: 257-7340



Our Branch Address:

1333 – 32 avenue, NE

T2E 7Z5


Note: Our contact person is not located at our branch.


10. Executive Search Firm

We currently do not have a specific firm that we work with, however Sheila MacLean, our Board Vice Chair is in the industry.

11. Executive Director Search Process

a.   The Board Chair, or in their absence, Vice-Chair initiates the process at the earlier of: notice of departure provided by departing staff member or when vacancy occurs.

b.   The Chair or, in his/her absence, the Vice Chair shall call an emergency Executive Committee Meeting followed by a full (emergency) Board meeting with the purpose of providing information and delegating responsibilities for the initiation of the Succession Plan. (Should there not be an Executive Committee, the Chair or the Vice Chair shall call to order a full Board of Director’s meeting.)

  • Expected outcome of these two meetings is to outline realistic timeframes for the action items of the plan. 

c.   Board of Directors will form an Executive Director Search Committee within 15 days of being aware of the vacancy.  The mandate of the committee will be to find a suitable candidate for the position of Executive Director.  Suggest identifying the minimum members on the committee, such as: the Chair or Vice Chair, and 2 members of the Board of Directors

d. he Search Committee will:

  • Initiate the recruitment process within 30 calendar days from being formed;

  • Keep the Board’s Chair and Vice-Chair current on the committee’s activities through routinely scheduled meetings;

  • Once suitable candidates conduct necessary interviews and follow up with the view of recommending an individual to the position of Executive Director.  This recommendation shall be provided to the Chair and Vice Chair who will then process the information to the Executive Committee.

  • Upon acceptance, the Executive Committee will move to recommend the potential applicant as Executive Director to the Board of Directors for their approval.

  • A formal written offer will be drawn up and made to the successful candidate by the Board Chair or designated representative(s).

e.   Executive Director Job Description and Offer

The following is the position charter for the most recent individual in the Executive Director’s position and an offer template for the position that can be used.  These both can be found in the Executive Director’s electronic folder titled: “FORMS & Staff forms”.



Should the Chair or Vice Chair be members of the Search Committee he or she shall keep the Vice Chair or the Chair continuously appraised of all activities surrounding the search for the Executive Director.


Should it be deemed unnecessary to report to the Executive Committee, the Chair will recommend the potential applicant as Executive Director to the Board of Directors for (their) approval.  Should approval not be forthcoming the search process will start again until the position is filled.



Position: Executive Director   


The Organization

The vision of Calgary Rotary Challenger Park Society, herein referred to as “The Park” is “to set the standard as a fully used, dynamic, self-sustaining model of inclusive recreation, sport and programs.”  The Park is a barrier free conference and recreational facility that is accessible to all people regardless of their age or ability.


Located on 23 acres of land in NE Calgary the park has extensive amenities. These include baseball diamonds, a soccer field, basketball and tennis courts, track and field venue, dressing and locker rooms. In addition The Jim & Pearl Burns Centre provides office and programming space for tenants.


The Park is the result of an inspired “grass roots effort”. A partnership of many hundreds of individuals and organizations united to develop and sustain the park-the first of its’ kind in North America.


To continue building on the success of the operating team and further the development of the Park a strategic and results focused Executive Director is needed.


The Position


Reporting to the Chair of the Board of Directors, the Executive Director has primary responsibility to manage Calgary Rotary Challenger Park as a viable business.



  • Establishes and maintains collaborative relationships with a variety of stakeholders including voluntary organizations, community based groups, clients and funders.

  • Actively markets the park to build awareness and generate continuous support for the park

  • In collaboration with the Board develops and implements a fund development strategy to ensure the organization’s sustainability.

  • Ensures that all maintenance is carried out within budget. 

  • Develops and manages annual and long-range budgets in accordance with Board policy.



  • Leadership experience that is concurrently strategic and enthusiastic

  • Competent in designing and implementing sports and recreation programs

  • Demonstrated expertise in establishing collaborative relationships and partnerships with a diverse group of individuals and organizations

  • Expertise in marketing and fund development activities.

  • A relevant degree (e.g. business or recreation administration) is desirable

  • An articulate and strategic communicator.

  • Comfortable and confident in working with a Board of Directors.  






                                Calgary Rotary Challenger Park Society

                                                (“The Employer”)


                                                (“The Employee”)


Position:          Executive Director


1)   Term of Contract

The employment contract is for a __________  year term commencing  __________________ , will be the anniversary date.                                                                                          dd   mmmm   yyyy


2)   Renewal of Contract

Renewal of contract is at the sole discretion of the Employer. The Employer will inform the Employee in writing at least 6 months in advance of the expiry of the contract whether or not the contract will be renewed.  If the Employer does not inform the Employee within the aforementioned timeframe this contract will be automatically renewed for further one (1) year terms under conditions mutually agreed upon.


3)   Reports to

The Employee reports to the Board of Director through the Board Chair.  The location of the Employee’s office is Calgary Rotary Challenger Park 3688 48 Avenue, N.E. Calgary, Alberta  T3J 5C8.


4)   Job Responsibilities

Responsibilities are outlined in the Position Charter (Appendix A).  Both the Employer and Employee may revise the Position Charter but changes must be mutually agreed and confirmed in writing.


5)   Work Effort

The Employee will devote 100% of his work effort to the Employer.  The Employee will be responsible for scheduling his work effort according to the needs of the operations of the Park.  Normal minimum working time per week will be in accordance with the Human Resources policies of the Employer.


6)   Termination of Contract

The Employer reserves the right to terminate this contract by providing compensation in lieu of any written working notice to the Employee.  The Employee will be entitled to receive        month compensation per year served (or portion thereof).  The Employee must give at least one (1) month’s notice if he wishes to terminate this contract unless agreed upon otherwise.



7)   Salary

The base salary will be $ ___________ per annum.  This will be adjusted annually on the anniversary date ( _______ ) according to the City of Calgary Consumer Price Index.  No other adjustment to base salary will occur unless agreed to between the Employer and Employee.  An annual performance review with the Employee should occur within 30 – 60 days of the Employer’s fiscal year end.


8)   Bonus

The Employee will be eligible for an annual bonus not to exceed    % of base salary.  The basis on which the bonus will be paid will be discussed and agreed upon by                          (date).  The Key Performance Indicators (the basis) will be reviewed and adjusted (if required) on an annual basis.  The bonus coincides with the fiscal or budget year.


9)   Expenses 

The employee will be reimbursed for out of pocket expenses incurred while carrying out the business of the Employer. Expenses should be accounted for and paid monthly


10) Benefits

The Employer will pay for the Employee’s participation in the Employer’s Group Benefits program. (As of ___________the provider of the benefits program is ______________.  Employee has received documentation for the plan.)


12) Pension

The Employee will receive an R.R.S.P. allowance commencing ______________ .  The allowance will be ____ % of the Employee’s base salary in the second year of employment. In year three and all-subsequent years of the contract it will be_____ % of the employee’s base salary. The allowance will be paid directly into an R.R.S.P. account designated by the employee and in accordance with Canada Revenue Agency regulations. Contributions should be paid prorate on a monthly basis.


13) Vacation

The Employee is entitled to ______  weeks paid vacation per year during the duration of the contract.  Vacation time should be booked at least one (1) month in advance and the Employer should be advised by written notice. Ordinarily no extended (beyond 3 consecutive days) vacation time will be taken during the Park’s peak season, i.e. June 1 to September 30.  Vacation should ordinarily be taken in blocks of two (2) or three (3) weeks rather than a block of five (5) weeks.


14) Office Facilities

The Employer’s facilities, including the Employee’s office are smoke-free environments.


15) Professional Fees, Education Assistance

 (Need to outline what will be provided, if any.)



16) Confidentiality

The Employee agrees not to disclose any confidential information learned in the course of his employment about the Employer’s business affairs, clients, staff or volunteers.  Should the Employee join another organization he agrees not to recruit personnel from the Employer into his destination organization unless the Employer has granted permission to do so.


17) Notice of Service

Any notice offer or acceptance will be given in writing and addressed to the parties as follows.


For the Employer: Board Chair, Calgary Rotary Challenger Park Society at 3688 48 Avenue N.E. Calgary Alberta  T3J 5C8


For the Employee:  __________________________________________________________________________                                                                                                      (Print Name)




The parties hereto agree to the above terms and conditions dated ____________, 20_____ , and acknowledge their acceptance by their signatures below:                   mmm  dd




    ______________________________________________                                   __________________________________               Signature                                                                                                  (Print Name and Position)



   ______________________________________________                                   __________________________________               Signature                                                                                                  (Print Name and Position)



   ______________________________________________                                   __________________________________               Signature                                                                                                  (Print Name and Position)

   ______________________________________________                                   __________________________________               Signature                                                                                                  (Print Name and Position)

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