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2.06.4 - AD HOC Committee

The Board of Directors may, from time to time, form a committee to undertake a specific project or task.  The committee will be referred to as an “Ad Hoc” Committee.

In forming this committee the Board will set out the following parameters:

The Committee’s Mandate


  • Membership of the Committee will be determined by the Committee’s Chair in discussions with the Executive Committee.

  • A Committee Chair is to be appointed by the Board’s Executive Committee.

  • Board Chair is entitled to vote and the Senior Staff Officer is an ex-officio member without voting rights, and is not counted for the purpose of establishing quorum.


Committee shall meet at mutually agreed times as required at the call of the Committee Chair. A simple majority of committee members constitutes a quorum for the Committee.

Authority and Accountability

The Committee is a Board Committee of CRCPS and the Chair will be a board member (unless approved otherwise by the Board).  This committee will report its recommendations to the Board.


The Board will establish the term.

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