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3.01.6 – Board Recruitment


The Board will ensure that its membership reflects a broad representation of key stakeholders, including individual community members and stakeholder organizations. In order to create an effective, strong and balanced Board, members will be recruited on an ongoing basis.


  • The Nominating Committee will review the needs of the Board on an ongoing basis regarding specific expertise, resources and skills

  • Members should have experience and expertise that will contribute to the work of the Board and its committees

  • All Board members are encouraged to participate in Board recruitment (i.e. provide potential Board members names to the Nominating Committee)


  • The Nominating Committee will identify, check references, interview suitably qualified individuals and ensure all potential Nominees have had valid police and vulnerable person checks done for potential Board positions

  • The Nominating Committee will recommend the appointment of potential members to the Board

  • New members will be appointed at the Annual General Meeting in accordance with the constitution and bylaws

  • The Nominating Committee will ensure that Board members receive appropriate orientation to their responsibilities

  • The Nominating Committee will maintain a file of interested candidates who have been reviewed


  Cross-reference guide:


  • Board member job descriptions

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