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3.01.13 – Abuse Policy

A. Commencement of Employment

All potential employees, consultants, volunteers, sub-contractors, directors and officers of Calgary Rotary Challenger Park Society (herein described as Calgary Rotary Challenger Park or CRCPS or the Society) shall, prior to commencing their positions with the Society have completed all such documents and consent necessary for the Calgary Rotary Challenger Park to complete a criminal record check (Calgary Police Service – Consent to Search and Disclosure of Personal Information (Agency) against them.  These record checks must be returned clear in relation to each individual in order for him / her to commence a position with Calgary Rotary Challenger Park.

All potential employee’s, consultants, volunteers, sub-contractors, directors or officers of CRCPS shall, prior to working with any clients of CRCPS, be verbally informed that abuse in any form is forbidden and they will be provided with a written copy of the Abuse Policy.  A signed and dated copy of this Abuse Policy shall be retained on each employee’s file.  In addition, all employees, consultants, volunteers, sub-contractors, directors and officers must review the CRCPS Human Resources Manual and CRCPS Administration Policies & Procedures Manual of Calgary Rotary Challenger Park and sign a consent form stating that they have read and have a working knowledge of the policies, including this Abuse Policy.

B. Prohibition

Abuse of any form, including but not limited to “abuse” as defined in this policy, is strictly forbidden by all employees, consultants, volunteers, sub-contractors, directors, officers or agents (a “Calgary Rotary Challenger Park Representative”).  If any Calgary Rotary Challenger Park representative commits or is alleged to have committed an act of abuse, the ED, in consultation with the Board of Directors, shall conduct all necessary investigations and take all steps necessary to enforce this policy.

C. Definitions of Abuse

Abuse by a Calgary Rotary Challenger Park Society representative includes the following:

a)     Physical Abuse:  Any injury to a client or participant in a CRCPS program (a “CRCPS Participant”) caused by a CRCPS Representative, for any reason, including injury resulting from a reaction to an unwanted behaviour; a substantial and observable injury to any part of a CRCPS Participant’s body as a result of non-accidental application of force;

b)     Sexual Abuse:  Inappropriate exposure to or subjection of a CRCPS Participant to sexual contact, activity or behaviour;

c)     Emotional Abuse:  Rejection, deprivation of affection or cognitive stimulation, inappropriate criticism, threats, humiliation, accusations or expectations of or towards a CRCPS Participant.

d)     Sexual Harassment:  Any form, i.e. verbal, physical or written unwanted advances toward a CRCPS Participant that has a sexual overtone, i.e. jokes, touching and / or written material.

D. Enforcement Procedure

  1. Any CRCPS Representative who; commits an act of abuse; is alleged to have committed an act of abuse; or who has any knowledge, concern or suspicion that any other CRCPS Representative has committed an act of abuse or is alleged to have committed an act of abuse; shall immediately (and in any event, within 24 hours) report such incident to their supervising coordinator verbally and, at the request of the coordinator, in writing.  The coordinator shall immediately report, both verbally and in writing, all such allegations to the ED.

  2. The ED shall collect written statements from any parties involved or witnessing the act of abuse or alleged incident of abuse.   The ED shall make a written record of any complaint, grievance or allegation of abuse in contravention of the Policy.  The ED shall, within ten (10) days from such an allegation being made, meet with the individual against whom the allegation has been made and also with the CRCPS participant or individual reporting the compliant.

  3. Following the meetings, the ED shall advise the Board of Directors of the ______________________________ (Participant) and the CRCPS Representative against whom the allegations have been made whether, the ED’s opinion and based on all of the relevant facts, the allegations have any merit or require further investigation.

  4. In the event the ED or the Board determines that the allegations against a CRCPS Representative have merit, they shall be immediately reported by the ED to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) or the Calgary Policy Service (CPS) and the CRCPS Representative shall immediately be suspended without pay until the incident is thoroughly investigated.

  5. Upon the completion of the investigation of the alleged incident, the CRCPS Representative may be subject to disciplinary action based on recommendations by the ED to the Board of Directors and at the discretion of the RCMP or CPS.  Such disciplinary action may include a letter of discipline, suspension, termination or criminal charges.

Any CRCPS Representative who fails to report abuse or alleged abuse committed by them, or any abuse, suspected abuse or alleged abuse by another CRCPS Representative as soon as they become aware of it, shall be subject to disciplinary action in the form recommended by the ED and approved by the Board of Directors which disciplinary action may include, but not be limited to a letter of discipline placed on their employment file, suspension or termination.

E. Confidentiality

It is the policy of CRCPS that all information, whether verbal or in writing reported to a coordinator, the ED and the Board pursuant to the Abuse Policy shall, at all times, be kept confidential and CRCPS shall take all reasonable steps necessary to protect the identity of all CRCPS Representatives who report allegations of abuse or against whom allegations of abuse have been made (except to the extent disclosure is required by law or otherwise in accordance with this Policy).


This Abuse Policy has been approved by the Board of Directors of Calgary Rotary Challenger Park Society.








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