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3.01.13 – Abuse Policy





Abuse by a Calgary Rotary Challenger Park Society representative includes the following:

a)     Physical Abuse:  Any injury to a client or participant in a CRCPS program (a “CRCPS Participant”) caused by a CRCPS Representative, for any reason, including injury resulting from a reaction to an unwanted behaviour; a substantial and observable injury to any part of a CRCPS Participant’s body as a result of non-accidental application of force;

b)     Sexual Abuse:  Inappropriate exposure to or subjection of a CRCPS Participant to sexual contact, activity or behaviour;

c)     Emotional Abuse:  Rejection, deprivation of affection or cognitive stimulation, inappropriate criticism, threats, humiliation, accusations or expectations of or towards a CRCPS Participant.

d)     Sexual Harassment:  Any form, i.e. verbal, physical or written unwanted advances toward a CRCPS Participant that has a sexual overtone, i.e. jokes, touching and / or written material.


a) Executive Director

In matters relating to the Executive Director, the Executive Director will discuss the issue with the Board Chair or the Vice Chair, if the issue involves the Board Chair.

If the issue can not be resolved in the above discussion, the Executive Director can file a written complaint with the full Board of Directors.  In this situation the Board will meet in confidence, to discuss the matter, with a follow up meeting with the Executive Director to resolve the issue.


b) Staff Reporting to the Executive Director

In such a situation, the Executive Director will be required to inform and involve the Board Chair.

If the matter can not be resolved, the Board Chair, will inform the Board, and the Board collectively will decide on the process to bring a resolution to the issue.