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Article 16-21


Article 16

16.01     Financial Statements.  The financial statements of the Society shall be audited by a legally recognized accounting firm.  The appointment of the Auditor shall be per Article 8.02.

16.02     Fiscal Year.    The fiscal year of the Society shall run in conjunction with the calendar year.  The fiscal year maybe changed by the Society at a general meeting by special resolution.

Article 17

17.01     General  All cheques, drafts, notes or orders for the payment of money and all notes, acceptances and bills of exchange shall be signed by such officer or officers or other person or persons, whether or not officers of the Society, and in such manner as the Board may from time to time designate by resolution of the Board.


17.02   Safekeeping of Deposits.      The funds of the Society shall be deposited for safekeeping with one or more banks and trust companies or other financial institutions to be selected by the Board.

Article 18

18.01     No amendment of or addition to the By-laws shall be made except, by a special resolution of the members of the Society and no amendment or addition shall be effective if it would cause the revocation of the Society’s status as a registered, charity.

Article 19

19.01     The Society shall be non-profit and operate exclusively as a charitable organization.  Upon the dissolution of the Society and after the payment of all debts and liabilities, the remaining property of the Society shall be given to a registered charity designated by the Board of Directors.

Article 20

20.01     General.         Any notice or document required by the Act or the By-laws to be sent to any member or director of the Society may be delivered personally to or sent by mail or email addressed to:

(a)       the member at his latest address as shown in the records of the Society; and

(b)       the director at his latest address as shown in the records of the Society.

With respect to every notice or document sent by mail it shall be sufficient to prove that the envelope or wrapper containing the notice or document was properly addressed and put into a post office or into a post office letter box.

20.02     Incorrect Address.     If the Society sends a notice or document to a member and the notice or document is returned on three consecutive occasions because the member cannot be found, the Society is not required to send any further notices or documents to the member until he informs the Society in writing of his new address.

20.03     Signatures to Notices.       The signature of any director or officer of the Society to any notice may be written, stamped, typewritten or printed or partly written, stamped, typewritten or printed.

20.04     Computation of Time.        Where a given number of days’ notice or notice extending over any period is required to be given under any provisions of the By-laws of the Society, the day the notice is sent shall, unless it is otherwise provided, be counted in such number of days or other period and such notice shall be deemed to have been sent on the day of personal delivery or mailing.

20.05     Proof of Service.      A certificate of any officer of the Society in office at the time of the making of the certificate or of an agent of the Society as to facts in relation to the sending of any notice or document to any member, director, officer or auditor or publication of any notice or document shall be conclusive evidence thereof and shall be binding on every member, director, officer or auditor of the Society, as the case may be.

Article 21

21.01     The directors shall from time to time determine whether and to what extent and at what times and places and under what conditions or regulations the accounts and books of the Society or any of them shall be open to the inspection of members not being directors, and no member (not being a director) shall have any right of inspecting any account or book or document of the Society except as conferred by law or authorized by the directors or by resolution of the members, whether previous notice thereof has been given or not.



     Original Signed                                                    Original Signed

  Colin Cantlie                                                               Don Ross

  Secretary                                                                     Board Chair




  May 27, 2009                                                            May 27, 2009      

          Date                                                              Province of Alberta Approval date

Article 16
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Article 17
Article 21
Article 19
Article 20
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