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3.01.12 – Risk Management


Board members must be mindful of risks and consider the potential consequences of decisions and actions. The Board is responsible for ensuring that adequate provisions are in place to protect the organization, board, staff and volunteers from potential liabilities.


The Board will ensure that:

  • Governance practices are consistent with the organization’s bylaws

  • There is compliance with legislative, statutory and regulatory requirements

  • Resources are sufficient to minimize risk to employees, volunteers and Park users

  • Policies are respected in actual practice

  • Current effective insurance coverage, in place


The Board will ensure that effective policies and procedures are established in the following areas:

  • Orientation and training of staff and volunteers (ED)

  • Screening and supervision of staff and volunteers (ED)

  • Recording of meetings and decisions (Board / ED)

  • Inspection and maintenance of facilities and equipment (ED)

  • Compliance with all statutory reporting requirements (Board)

ED to keep Board advised as to claims / potential claims and risks / potential risks.

Cross-reference guide:


  • Bylaws – Article 12.02