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TLM white.png  - Position Purpose Responsibilities and Accountability

The title of Executive Director shall be noted as the official title for the Society’s office.  For the purpose of the bylaws the position of Executive Director has been replaced with the title of Senior Staff Officer.  This position has primary responsibility for the success and growth of Calgary Rotary Challenger Park and will act as its overall Executive Director.

The full-time, permanent position is located at the Calgary Rotary Challenger Park (Calgary) with duties directed by and reporting to the Calgary Rotary Challenger Park Society (CRCPS) Board.

There are several roles and outcomes expected of this person which include – but are not limited to:

  • Leadership and coordination of staff & volunteers to achieve the vision, mandate, key goals & objectives established for Rotary Challenger Park

  • Accountable for an effective & efficient operations – a well-run and fully utilised facility that meets the needs of the primary, secondary user groups and surrounding communities

  • Risk Management

  • Ensuring extensive/full utilization of the facility by the target communities and achieving a sustainable operations for the Park over the long term

  • Maintaining sound and accurate financial records & accounting systems for the park and the Society

  • Providing liaison services for the Board with respect to the physical development and construction of the Park

The above goals include and require:

  • Values and Ethics

  • A strong Fund Development/Financial Plan that will be implemented by the Executive Director (ED) in order to raise the (necessary capital and) operating funds to achieve long term sustainable operations

  • A major marketing & promotion focus on the Park with results that generate community capacity and use of the Park with the many different, sometimes fragmented and diverse set of organizations that represent and support the many possible uses of the Park.  This person must be a facilitator and coordinator of community involvement – delivering an energetic work plan to communicate, liaise and involve the numerous user organizations with the park

  • Sound management skills to assist with development and implementation of sport / recreation programming, administration use & services plus management of ancillary service centres that will provide support and benefits to all users of the Park

  • Fiscal responsibility with capital and operating budgets

  • Leadership and assistance with all the planning & support functions for programs and activities at the Park