Major Opportunities

A great number of partner opportunities exist within Calgary Rotary Challenger Park.

Opportunities exist for Partnerships in a host of areas including corporate Calgary, foundations, special names, individuals, service clubs, and the user communities.

Each piece of the park is important to the life of the whole park, and to its service to the users — both those with physical and developmental disabilities as well as to the community at large.

Each component of Calgary Rotary Challenger Park is part of the barrier free facility that will serve the community, the province and our nation for some 50 years.

The opportunities are listed within each of the core areas of the park.

” Calgary Airport Authority Golf Tournament”

See “News & Announcements” page for this years sponsor opportunities.

Phase  4 – Centre for all Abilities (Future Project)

This project is currently entering it’s Capital Fundraising Campaign Phase. Stay tuned for sponsor opportunities. They will be announced sometime in 2014.
See “News & Announcements” page to view the project video.

Phase 1 – Construction complete

The Ball Complex

The initial concept of Calgary Rotary Challenger Park was that the entire structure was to be developed around a ball diamond, and it would be known as Challenger Park, for Challenger Little League. When other organizations heard of Calgary Rotary Challenger Park they helped create the design and concepts that were well beyond ball. A core of Calgary Rotary Challenger Park is still ball, and in particular for persons who need to play in a barrier free environment. Elements of the ball complex are available for Sponsor/Partner involvement.

It is important to remember that the ball complex is also used by persons with developmental disabilities. It is just as important to recognize that the general community including user groups all over Calgary can book the ball diamonds when they are not in use by primary groups. The ball diamonds are regulation size and the entire facility is barrier free.

The Components:

SPONSORED Alberta Centennial Centre:
The Ball Centre is 760 square metres. This building contains outdoor access public washrooms, food concession facilities, four team change rooms, 2 special needs washrooms and a first aid room. It is equipped with an elevator to make it possible for everyone to have equal access to all of the building’s facilities. Special ramps from the ball field encourage wheelchair access. All portions of the building and attendant facilities are totally barrier free. A food concession is on the south side of the building to service the ball diamonds during the playing season. The ball centre is the home to Shepherd’s Ministries.

The building looks out on two ball diamonds to the south. To the north it looks out on the Canada/Alberta Plaza, the tennis courts, the basketball court and the specialized children’s playground. Electronic scoreboards have been installed on each field.

SPONSORED The Ball Seating Stadiums:
There are two ball seating stadiums. Each one has 310 seats and 46 wheel chair spaces for a total of 356 for each stadium.

The Change Rooms:
There are four change rooms within the ball complex. Because of the kinds of usage they will undertake, the change rooms are very important to the entire community. The rooms are barrier free and larger than the normal change room. They contain specially designed washroom facilities including 2 special needs washrooms complete with showers. Sponsorship/partnering of the change rooms is $50,000 (ea)

SPONSORED The Concession Facility: 
What is a ball game without nachos, pop and all the other confectionary items? The concession facility is open during ball season.

SPONSORED The First Aid Centre:
Accidents and injury can happen. A primary care first aid centre is a must for the stadium complex.

SPONSORED The Ball Diamonds:
There are two regulation sized ball fields. Each has an electronic scoreboard. Note: Both diamonds are now sponsored – Alberta Lottery Fund. Known as : Centennial Field East & Centennial Field West.

SPONSORED The Scoreboards:
Each ball diamond has a remote operated electronic scoreboard.

The Elevator:
In order to permit total accessibility to the stadium complex an elevator is essential and is available for donor/partnering at $30,000.

Stadium Lighting:
To enable full utilization of the facilities well into the evening, each ball stadium will require lighting. This feature will also be valuable for full tournament play. Sponsorship/partnership of stadium lighting is still available and valued at $75,000 for each stadium.

SPONSORED West Picnic Patio:
Four picnic tables are located in this area and have the perfect view of the Centennial West ball field.

SPONSORED East Picnic Patio: 
Four picnic tables are located in this area and have the perfect view of the Centennial East ball field.

Phase 2 – Construction complete

The Main Centre & Support Areas:

This phase involved the completion of the main administration building, the Jim and Pearl Burns Centre. It also included a large plaza, court sports areas, picnic area, parking for the site and a large special needs playground.

The Components:

SPONSORED Jim & Pearl Burns Centre:
This catalytic action building impacts all the activities of the 26-acre Calgary Rotary Challenger Park. It is operational all year round and is the home for organizations that service the User community. We are proud to have the Renfrew Educational Services and BAPS Temple as our tenants. Sitting in the middle of the Park, the Burns Centre is easily accessible and barrier free in all of its parts. It is fundamental to the successful operation of the Park in short and long term. It is the operating headquarters for the entire Park. All bookings are made through administration in the Jim and Pearl Burns Centre.

SPONSORED The Management Services Centre:
The Managment Service Centre is located on the main floor of the Jim & Pearl Burns Centre. This is where people will come to orient themselves to the Park, make bookings and acquire information.

SPONSORED East Side Entry Court:
The east side entry court for the Jim & Pearl Burns Centre at Calgary Rotary Challenger Park is the administrative entryway to the building. On a day to day basis it functions as the primary building access. It is located directly adjacent to sixteen handicapped and short-term parking stalls and the exterior ramp to the lower level of the building. Flanking the entry court are two strips of attractive landscaping. The surface material is patterned tinted concretes. Three flagpoles are adjacent to the entry court.

SPONSORED Exterior Wheelchair Ramp:
The exterior wheelchair ramp at the Jim & Pearl Burns Centre provides barrier free access to the lower level of the building, the home of BAPS Temple. The ramp is 40 meters long, beginning at the east entry court, and follows the circumference of the building to the exterior stair and planters behind the Ed Whalen Sculpture. Exit from the building is possible from a stairwell and doorway on the south side of the building at the end of the ramp. Windows into the lower level of the building are located at the lower end of the ramp. Materials for the ramp, the retaining wall and the stair are tinted and exposed aggregate concrete, and colorful steel rail.

SPONSORED Social Heart (Foyer):
The “social heart” of Calgary Rotary Challenger Park is the circular space at the center of the Jim & Pearl Burns Centre Building, which is open year-round. This area functions as the building’s foyer to access all areas within the Burns Centre. It is a meeting place for all Park visitors and accommodates informal gatherings associated with the use of all adjacent rooms. The Social Heart includes a central art feature and a sponsor recognition wall. The circular stairs to the lower level of the building lead out from the social heart.

SPONSORED Centre Kitchen(food prep area):
The kitchen supports the needs of Renfrew Educational Services within the Jim & Pearl Burns Centre.

Centre Lounging/Dining:
This area is used as a library and classroom by Renfrew Educational Services. Sponsorship is valued at $200,000.

SPONSORED The Boardroom:
This area is being used by Renfrew Educational Services to service the needs of children with disabilities. Our boardroom contents have been re-located to the Canada-Alberta Century Field House.

SPONSORED Resource Centre:
Located in the lower level. This space is intended to be a community resource area with two adaptive computer workstations.

SPONSORED The First Aid Room:
It is essential that a well-equipped primary first aid room be located within the Burns Centre.

SPONSORED Multipurpose Room:
This room houses Renfrew’s Pre-Kindergarten program.

The Executive Director’s Office (Office/Park Manager):
The office has furnishings common to most executive offices. Sponsorship of this high profile office = $ 50,000

SPONSORED The Reception Area:
This is the main reception area where visitors will come to when they first arrive at the Park.

Centre Washrooms:
Because of the clientele who will use the centre in many ways, careful attention must be paid to washrooms available to those visiting the centre. These facilities are barrier free and important to the quality of experience at the Park. The sinks have motion sensors for ease of use. Each washroom is available for sponsorship/partnership at $30,000.

Special Needs Washrooms:
Two family sized washrooms provide more space to accommodate young children or clients and their attendants. Each washroom is available for $15,000 each.

Audio/Visual Support Systems:
It is important that the Centre is able to provide state of the art audio/visual equipment to the centre. The issue is not undue sophistication but equipment that will have multi-use capacity. To sponsor/partner at $50,000.

At the west entrance to the Jim & Pearl Burns Centre is a large, attractive and user-friendly patio. With benches, picnic tables, landscaping and an uncluttered view of the central plaza of the Park, visitors can enjoy the ambience of the Park in a restful atmosphere. The Patio is a gathering place for ceremonies and special events.

SPONSORED The Elevator:
In order to permit total accessibility to the tenants and the resource area, an elevator is essential.

The Plaza is the central element of the Park and was constructed in 2003 in conjunction with the Jim & Pearl Burns Centre. It provides a sense of tranquility and peace and features benches with a sponsor recognition oblisque at its epi-centre. It will permit scores of people to gather in common cause and celebration from time to time.

SPONSORED The Group Picnic Area:
This half-acre site features picnic tables, benches and a comfortable lawn area. It is a great gathering place for families, friends and organization picnics and functions. It also serves as a place where teams can relax after a game.

SPONSORED The Picnic Area:
This key element of the group picnic area features a paved area, built-in benches and a fire pit.

SPONSORED The Tot Playground:
The Society recognizes that the Tot Playground is an important and welcoming facility in support of persons with Special Needs. It is designed with equipment that provides safe fun to its special users. It can accomodate all users in wheelchairs or with mobility issues.

SPONSORED The Tennis Courts:
This popular area is heavily used by surrounding residents of the community. The Park features two tennis courts.

SPONSORED The Basketball Court:
Next to the Plaza, the basketball court encourages organized groups, disability organizations and members of the community to take up this excellent sport within the Park.

Phase 3 Construction Complete

The Track & Field Complex:

The complex will provide facilities to athletes who want to have fun as well as those who wish to compete in activities including olympic standard track and field events, soccer and football games. The complex is designed as a barrier free facility that will provide a wide range of services to the people who will use it.

The 400 metre running oval features an all weather professional standard surface so that wheelchair athletes will be able to participate with full use of the track.

The Components:

SPONSORED Canada-Alberta Century Field House:
This building will service the Track and Field and other field areas. The upper floor has a 1500 square foot meeting space. Outdoor washrooms, change rooms and a storage area are all well used spaces within the building.

SPONSORED The Running Track:
This 8-lane track built to international standards, has a rubberized surface ideal for both able and disabled athletes.

SPONSORED The Gene Filipski Memorial Field
This is a CFL professional sized field. This field can also be used as 2 Soccer pitches. Soccer is an enormously popular sport in Calgary, enjoyed by tens of thousands of children and adults alike. The whole community can enjoy each of the 2 well-presented Soccer Fields within Calgary Rotary Challenger Park.

SPONSORED The Track & Field Seating Stadium:
Similar to the ball seating stadium, the track & field stadium is designed so that wheelchair spots are interspersed among regular seats throughout the seating area. There are 250 seats with an unobstructed, barrier free view of the track, soccer and football activities that take place within its boundaries.

SPONSORED Exterior Courtyard, Track & Field Complex:
An area above the track on the south side is a great spot for viewing activities.

Public Washrooms:
These outdoor washrooms are larger barrier free washrooms. There is also a large unisex washroom in the meeting area on the upper level and washrooms in each change room on the lower level of the building. They are available for partner/sponsorship at $25,000 each (4).

The Locker Rooms:
The 2 Change Rooms within the track and field stadium are important to the users of the stadium facility. To accommodate the general public and the user community, the rooms are large and have barrier free hygienic facilities. Each locker room is available for partnership/sponsorship at $50,000 each. One of the locker rooms now houses our weight equipment.

SPONSORED The First Aid Room:
It is essential that a well-equipped primary first aid room be located within the facility. That is part of the stadium complex.

SPONSORED Officials Change Room:
A meeting and gathering room for coaches, umpires, etc.

In order to permit total accessibility to all areas of the building, an elevator is essential.

Additional Items That Need Sponsorship

Flag Poles = $500 each
Stadium Seats in all three stadiums = $250 each
Picnic Tables = $2,000 each

Each facility identified by the Society for sponsorship/partnership is an invitation to participate at the Park.

Each facility is designed to be barrier free in keeping with the spirit of the Park and in the interests of the wider community.

Each sponsor opportunity will provide a sense of partnering for each corporation, foundation, special name and the user community in their endorsement of a “Piece of the Park”.