facilities-imagesWhat Calgary Rotary Challenger Park has to offer!

Facilities at Calgary Rotary Challenger Park

Alberta Centennial Centre

  • Officials Change Room
  • Concession Facility
  • Outdoor Washrooms
  • First Aid Centre
  • Elevator
  • Home of Shepherd’s Ministries

The Jim & Pearl Burns Centre

  • Park Administration Area
  • Management Services Centre
  • East Side Entry Court
  • Exterior Wheelchair Ramp
  • First Aid Room
  • Barrier-free Washrooms
  • Donor Recognition Wall
  • Home of Renfrew Educational Services Jr K & K program
  • Home of BAPS Temple

Canada Alberta Century Field House

  • Meeting Space
  • Weight Equipment
  • Washrooms (indoors and outdoors)
  • Change Rooms
  • First Aid Room

Outdoor Facilities

  • (2) Slo-pitch/Softball Diamonds
  • Electronic Scoreboards (remote operated)
  • Ball Diamond Seating Stadiums
  • Gene Filipski Memorial Field
  • Track & Field support facilities
  • Track & Field Seating Stadiums
  • Soccer Field
  • 8 lane 400M Running Track
  • (2) Tennis Courts
  • (1) Basketball Court
  • Patio & Plaza
  • Group Picnic Area
  • Specialized Tot Playground

Calgary Rotary Challenger Park – Our Role In Health & Wellness

In Canada, new statistics are showing that obesity is now the highest cause of preventable deaths, above smoking. It is obvious that all populations need to look a little more closely at their own health. “Every year, approximately 21,000 Canadians die as a result of physical inactivity”. This costs the health care system $2.5 – $4.6 billion PER YEAR. As the population ages, arthritic and other musculo-skeletal pain increase. Much of the population is now turning to painkillers. Last year in the U.S., 600,000 people died from the use or over use of ibuprofen. There are other non-invasive ways to keep populations healthy and decrease pain.

Research indicates that only a few persons with disabilities participate in recreation and leisure opportunities. This can lead to other secondary health and wellness complications which may impact the community at large.

  • Childhood obesity is on the rise. Over 1/3 of Canadian children ages 2 to 11 are overweight, of that 1/2 would be considered obese
  • Persons With Disabilities have few options when it comes to sport and recreation
  • Diabetes is on the rise
  • Secondary complications to diabetes is amputation, blindness, other physical disabilities
  • 59% of adults aged 18 and older are considered insufficiently active
  • 55% of Canadians are physically inactive
  • 60% of older Canadians are in active
  • Recreation and sport is a launching ground for other personal growth and development, communication skills, self esteem, cooperation, team work, self awareness and identity
  • People of other cultures need to access facilities that are desirable and sensitive to needs
  • Persons with disabilities participate less in recreation and sport than their able bodied peers

–Information taken from – Statistics Canada ‘ Canadian Fitness & Lifestyle Research Institute

Calgary Rotary Challenger Park is a place where a large variety of athletic and recreational programs can be offered for any ability level. It’s important to take into account that physical health has a lot to do with mental health. We welcome individuals and organizations to book our facilities to run their programs at Calgary Rotary Challenger Park. We do not run programs, but have space that can be booked for your programming needs. Please call Park administration at 250-2707 to book your event. Some of the programs we are able to host can include:

Slo-pitch & Softball
Track Events
Walking/Running Programs
 Games/Activity Day/Walk a Thons
Social Events
Off-Season Cross Training
Weight Program
Stretching & exercise
Recreational Dance Therapy
Ongoing kids club meetings e.g. scouts or girl guides, homework club etc.
Indoor Games
Board Games ie. Chess
 Teen Theme Night
Education & Other
Team Meetings
First Aid/CPR